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Library Equipment Policy

Expert Staff Welcome to Lawrence Public Library! Our library has a variety of library equipment for you to use and our knowledgeable staff are always available to answer your questions and help you find what you need. Our library equipment policy ensures that you can have access to the most current and reliable materials. Visit us today to take advantage of our expert staff and helpful services.

Library Equipment Policy 

The Lawrence Public Library welcomes all to use our facilities and library equipment for the purposes of learning, working, socializing and entertainment. In order to ensure that the library equipment is used for its purpose, please adhere to the following guidelines.  



The use of the library telephones is restricted to patrons who need to call for a ride. Staff must be present during the call to monitor the purpose and restrict the time.


Printers and Copiers

Library patrons who need to scan, make copies, or print documents for personal use are welcome to use the computers and printers in the public computer labs as well as the printer and copier in the main lobby.

Meeting room users must ask permission to use the printer/copier in the administrative department. Please inquire with the Library administration about setting up a long-term, recurring use of the staff designated printer/copier for a fee.  


Audiovisual (AV)

Audiovisual equipment can be reserved by meeting room users. Please refer to the Meeting Room Policy for details on how to reserve AV equipment.


Off Limits

The library postage meter is off limits to the public. Consequences of violating this policy are at the discretion of the library staff.   

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